Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez

Luis J. Gomez may be my favorite comedian to shade because he’s so blissfully wrong so often. Case in point: The official trailer to his new hour stand-up special, which drops today, Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez. Here you’ll find his delusions of grandeur placing him above Louie Anderson, Lewis Black and even Louis Katz, as well as his wondering what the big deal is about ruining a few careers of women in comedy with your perversions. Roll the clip!

Of course, if you’re a fan of Legion of Skanks, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know about Luis, and you may even love him for it. If so, today’s your day to celebrate this April Fool!

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UPDATE: Let me apologize for my own April Foolishness, as I didn’t need to throw shade at Luis while letting you know about his new special. I’m sorry about that. Very unnecessary. Now enjoy this second clip from his special. Roll it!

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18 thoughts on “Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez

  1. Luis is your favorite comic to “shade” because he succeeded doing the opposite of what people like you said is then “right way”.

  2. If you think his delusions of grandeur, or anything he said in the special, are anything more than comedy, you don’t deserve to say you’re a comic, let alone use it twice in your name. Be a man and laugh at the darkness in the world instead of being bitch-made and siding with huffy chicks in order to get close to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out you were into some horrible, misogynistic things and you’ve been siding with SJWs in order to hide it.

      1. 1. “Delusions of grandeur” is spot on. He’s always been slightly too big for his britches.
        2. If you still say “cuck,” you’re a fucking nerd.
        3. Luis is crying about a mildly bad review on Twitter.
        4. Before any of you predictable douches says it… I’m not an sjw. I don’t necessarily hate ljg, just don’t think he’s funny enough to warrant his attitude.
        5. Those thighs are looking thick.

  3. The only reason people are even seeing your atrocious blog is because Dave Smith responded to you.

  4. Luis isn’t a great comedian. At least he’s not a blog writing crybaby.

    1. Who’s crying? I just got back from a day at the beach, laughing and enjoying the world and people in real life.

  5. “Blissfully wrong” is how you cover a self-published comedian’s first stand up special, as the “COMIC’s COMIC” nonetheless. This is a perfect case study on when ideology ends up superseding the intended goal of this site, and now acts as a gatekeeper and cancer on an art form that relies on free expression and acceptance. I’ve seen you on YKWD and Race Wars back in the day, you were cool for coming on to address the articles, but it was clear you didn’t have a defense.

    I don’t know if that’s how you started the blog and it’s always been that way, or if it’s just been a progressive decline into censorship and political correct talking points. Regardless, I would encourage you to evaluate the reason why you started this endeavor, the mission, and the weight of responsibility that your (self-appointed) title of The Comic’s Comic requires. Now more than ever.

    From your About Page:

    “Back in 2007, I couldn’t convince the mainstream media to change its ways of treating comedy as the ugly stepchild of the performing arts, so I decided to DIY.”

    “It’s still mostly that way, although now in 2016, everyone in the mainstream media online has rushed in to cover, criticize and essentially heckle the comedy scene as it has BOOMED once more. This has been the biggest comedy boom since the 1980s.”

    “Comedy and comedians deserve better. That’s what I’ve strived to do here at The Comic’s Comic, working the comedy beat to bring you the best information — curating through all the online noise and chattering classes to cover only the funniest things you need to know, read, see or hear.”

    This article and others seem antithetical to the punk rock, grass roots depiction of this site and the comedy scene as a whole. How can you “cut through the online noise” of the mainstream, THE MAN that you’re fighting, if you’re using all of their talking points for them? How is this any different? You claim that you “cover only the funniest things”. This doesn’t mention anything about being funny, you’re hear to “shade” him, say how he’s “blissfully wrong”, and then mention he has “delusions of grandeur” because of a joke about his first name in comedy that sets up his Louie joke.

    It’s also lazy. This isn’t a review of the funny, but it’s also not a review at all. Support comedy, buy his special and then do a review. You clearly only watched a 2-minute promo YouTube clip and did your one paragraph “write-up”.

    I think you’re a recognized name and resource, specifically in the NY comedy scene. Just don’t make it known because of things like this. Do better, and you can always refer to the website name for reference. WWCCD- What Would (A True) Comic’s Comic Do?

    1. You’re correct that this was not a review of his special. Luis and I agree that Nate Bargatze and Gary Gulman are two of our greatest stand-ups working today. Luis seems to think I hate him (I don’t). I say he’s blissfully wrong, because that’s his comedy stance — in the two bits he showcased to get people interested in his special, he’s exactly that. He takes dumb positions for the sake of his comedy. I get it. But his premise that Louis CK is the victim isn’t really funny, because there are real women in comedy who neither have money nor careers. Sure it’s funny that Luis would let someone masturbate in front of him for a dollar. But it’s a dumb take. I still let people know where to buy his special, though.

  6. Im behind this dude 100%. Idc if Luis is joking. If hes going to make a joke about being named Luis he needs to list every comedian named Luis and explain hes just saying it as a joke. Now THATS a funny special.

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