Comedy Central decided to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day by releasing the cable network’s first free streaming stand-up comedy special, Emily Heller: Ice Thickeners.

Heller even opens her debut hour by joking in a pre-show interview that she wanted to film before an all-female audience, then acquiesces to allow some men into the room at Seattle’s Showbox theater. “I see some men here. That’s fine,” Heller says. “For you that must have been confusing. Like, am I really welcome? The reason why I know that is because that’s how all women feel in every workplace.”

Spoiler alert!

Directed by Kulap Vilaysack (Seeso’s Bajillion Dollar Propertie$), Ice Thickeners is presented without ads (although you’ll notice a few edits where they’d planned for commercial breaks) both on Comedy Central’s website as well as for free on the network’s Comedy Central Stand-Up YouTube channel.

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