Review: Sebastian Maniscalco, “Stay Hungry,” on Netflix

After a brief period billing himself as just Sebastian, Maniscalco has leaned into his Italian surname and heritage. As the bit above illustrates, the guy next to him on the treadmill still smarts the comedian in such a way that proves why his production company in the end credits is called “What’s Wrong With People?” It’s a great bit.

Maniscalco cartoonishly lampoons the guy trying too hard at the gym.

He has the thousands in attendance in the palm of his own hand as he jumps up and down, bouncing across the stage, arching his eyebrows, cocking his face this way and that. Sebastian Maniscalco is the current king of the act-out. Even more so because his physicality springs into full effect on a moment’s notice, breaking out from the lower registers of his regular monologue voice.

Where he has achieved such great heights in recent years, he has done so by pivoting his frustrations away from others and into a more personal paranoia about himself and his attitudes.

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