Sebastian Maniscalco is feeling like the king of comedy this weekend, performing four shows at Madison Square Garden. But all was not always hunky-dory on his way up the comedy ladder. As Maniscalco revealed on Friday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian actually drew a blank onstage during his Tonight Show debut back in 2014.

The show edited out the footage of him temporarily bombing, so you wouldn’t even have noticed it when you watched that night on NBC, or later on YouTube. Or would you?

Here’s Maniscalco talking to Fallon about what happened (as well as how his father hopes to see Maniscalco take him to the Oscars should Green Book get nominated).

And here’s the edited footage from Nov. 15, 2014. At the end, when Fallon joins him onstage, you can now see how Maniscalco’s inner thoughts are working overtime. And you may only now notice the hard-cut edit in this clip 45 seconds into the act.