When it comes to comedy, I’ll admit it: I’m politically biased.

But it’s not a liberal or conservative bias that drives me crazy so much as it is a realism bias. I love me some surrealism and ridiculousness from my stand-ups, but when a comedian starts talking about a political premise, I absolutely positively need it to be rooted in truth. That’s me. If you joke about Obama becoming a vegetarian, I’m zoning out because he’s not. If you think Kanye West supporting Trump is an important thing culturally, I’m zoning out because it’s not.

So yeah, not everything Dennis Miller says lands with me anymore. That said, Miller does prove that the argument about conservatives not being funny is almost as ludicrous as saying women aren’t funny. Dennis Miller was funny, and still is funny.

And as I noted in my review for Decider, he still can drop some metaphorical deep cuts:

You can play your own Dennis Miller Jeopardy category, as you guess who he’s talking about as:

  • “Crazier than Rasputin’s margin doodles”

  • “Should host Creature Feature on Telemundo”

  • “Bad Cut Bonnaroo”

  • “Snowflake Jonestown”

  • “Dances With Donors”

Read my full review in Decider.

I wish I’d had the chance to talk to Miller more about his current comedy philosophy (a phoner didn’t go quite as planned, but that’s on me). At least Jimmy Kimmel did get Miller to talk a little bit.

And here’s the trailer for Miller’s new Comedy Dynamics special, which is available pretty much everywhere but Netflix.