Day: October 19, 2018

Review: Ron White, “If You Quit Listening I’ll Shut Up” on Netflix

Here’s one for all the 61-year-old raging alcoholics out there: Ron White has a new hour of stand-up comedy on Netflix. White’s a great storyteller, what with his handy cigar and tequila, and treasure trove of anecdotes. In one of the less hilarious but even more insightful moments for stand-up comedy, White tells the audience: “Traditionally in American comedy clubs, there’s three acts. There’s an opening act, that makes between 100 and 200 a week for nine shows, the feature act — which is what I was — makes between 400 and 500 bucks for nine shows, and a headliner...

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Review: Mo Amer, “The Vagabond” on Netflix

Mo Amer received a gift from the comedy gods when an airline upgraded his seat last year to put him in first class next to Eric Trump. Amer turned that trip into a tale worth telling first on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and then into an even longer version for his first Netflix comedy special, The Vagabond. He chose that title because, for almost two decades, Amer lacked proper passport documents as a Kuwaiti refugee who grew up in America. As I wrote in my review for Decider, it’s always been a weird time for this Mohammed:...

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Review: Flight of the Conchords, “Live in London” on HBO

Flight of the Conchords have reunited. And it feels as if nothing has changed in the decade since HBO viewers first saw the New Zealand duo starring in their own TV comedy series plugging away in the alt scene of New York City. And yet, of course, they’ve become bigger stars individually in the meantime. And won awards together, too. What makes them special as a musical comedy act? As I wrote in my review for Decider: For only two members (and sometimes a third, Nigel Collins on cello), FOTC boasts a broad musical palate. Their influences intentionally audible....

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Review: Joe Rogan, “Strange Times” on Netflix

If Joe Rogan likes to joke that he’s a moron, then what does that make his audience, which has grown even larger in the past couple of years as his podcast has also grown to include a five-times-a-week video livestream, and his other job broadcasting for the UFC has gotten even more popular, too? Another critic cracked that Rogan sounds like a college-aged kid who got stoned and discovered all of the universe’s secret conspiracies. Except Rogan is 51. But even if he jokes that his jokes will get him into trouble, he’s willing to devote plenty of time...

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Review: D.L. Hughley, “Contrarian” on Netflix

I find D.L. Hughley a fascinating guy to hear opine on just about anything, whether it’s at the bar sharing a bottle of wine (back in the day) or listening to him on the radio. Which is why I felt underwhelmed by his Netflix special, Contrarian. Perhaps it’s because capturing his live show and then serving it up later, no matter if it’s a month later or in this case several more, somehow distracts from what makes Hughley so effective as a comedian. You want to hear his take on things in the moment. That timeliness gets lost when...

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