Speaking of The Comedy Cellar, and aren’t we all talking about the New York City club even more this month than ever before?

Comedy Central announced that This Week at The Comedy Cellar will premiere Friday Oct. 26, 2018.

The weekly late-night stand-up series and talk show will fill the 11 p.m. slot otherwise taken by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Mondays-Thursdays. And remind more than a few of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Plus more jokes in front of live audiences!

On Friday nights, you’ll see stand-up sets recorded at The Comedy Cellar earlier that week, interspersed with topical conversations and debates among the comedians at the “comics’ table” upstairs at The Olive Tree Cafe.

Each episode will also feature a biographical spotlight on one of that week’s featured stand-ups.

Here’s a tease!

Comedy Central will post the extended comedian roundtable discussions and various stand-up highlights weekly on cc.com/StandUp and on YouTube. The CC App, cc.com/StandUp and YouTube will feature clips from each episode. In addition, full episodes of This Week at the Comedy Cellar will be available the day after premiere on the Comedy Central App and cc.com.

This Week at the Comedy Cellar is executive produced by Noam Dworman (for the Comedy Cellar) and Ray Ellin; Michael Hirschorn and Jessica Antonini from Ish Entertainment; and Ted Tremper. Christian McLaughlin, Anne Harris and Chloe Ifshin are the Executives in Charge of Production for Comedy Central.