Behind the scenes of Riki Lindhome’s one-shot long-take scene from Showtime’s “Kidding”

Showtime’s Kidding is a great series, a wonderful blend of comedy, innocence and pathos, as well as a perfect vehicle for Jim Carrey’s return to television.

There’s a scene in episode three of the first season that’s especially fascinating to watch.

It shows Riki Lindhome’s character watching Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time (Carrey’s childrens’ TV show) over the years, a montage illustrating how she grew up and out of depression because of him and his show. It’s also all done in one shot. A long take. No edits!

How’d they do that? Here’s exactly how. Watch side-by-side: On the left, all of the moving parts without the TV musical score, so you can hear the stage direction and cues and watch the magic happen; on the right, what we saw on TV. Roll the clip!

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