Review: Iliza, “Elder Millennial” (Netflix)

Iliza Shlesinger has become such the comedy fixture on Netflix that, four specials in, you’re not even surprised that she’s continuing to go by just Iliza.

Elder Millennial finds the comedian at a crossroads, in more than one demographic way. She’s not only in her mid-30s now, but she was about to get married when she filmed this. So her social observations on women her age take on even deeper meaning, if not also more urgency.

As I wrote in my review for Decider:

Iliza also reveals how women put in almost all of the effort in their attempt to have men notice them to begin with, from the time spent beforehand putting on makeup and fitting into tight dresses and high heels to the time cultivating plans with their friends. And, true to form, Iliza certainly puts in the effort not only to what she’s says on stage, but how she presents the material and herself. The pony tail. The exposed midriff. Tailoring flared pants with sailor buttons to her presence aboard the USS Hornet, with a large American flag draped nicely behind her for a backdrop.

Care has been taken.

Iliza wants you to know she’s done her homework, too, even when going off on a tangent about the various mating calls of birds. Ornithologists, take note.

Read my full review on Decider, and know that her audience already anticipates hearing her take on marriage in the next special, whether that comes next year or the year after that.

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