Eurydice Dixon, 22-year-old Melbourne comedian, murdered on walk home from gig

Eurydice Dixon was just another young aspiring comedian walking home from a gig last week when she was tragically murdered.

A 19-year-old man was arrested the following day with her rape and murder on a Melbourne soccer pitch last Tuesday night.

Her last text to a friend, heartbreakingly ironic: “I’m almost home safe, how about you?”

Another local comedian, Urvi Majumdar, shared on Facebook: “I knew you as the first young woman I met in comedy, also with a name people had trouble pronouncing. I was immediately in awe of your confidence on stage; your performances were always textured with the most authentic questioning of the norms we uphold. You could deconstruct an issue like no one else and leave us laughing at the absurd. I would wait behind to see your sets, as you would to see mine. In my early recordings, I can hear your distinct laughter even when there was no one else laughing! You offered support to anyone who needed it. There were many nights we finished a gig and chatted before going home by ourselves. You walked in your direction as I walked in mine, we never asked, “are you walking alone” because we had more important things to discuss—our craft. The city is reeling from waves of heartbreak, disgust and fury at what happened to you. It hurts so much personally and politically, in the most primal way.”

Lana Schwarcz wrote: “Devastated. Someone I liked enormously in our community, who did comedy about the rights of women to be safe, now gone due to the very thing she railed against. Vale and love, Eurydice Dixon. You were a light. Love to the family.”

A GoFundMe started by a friend in the comedy scene has raised $68,361 so far to support Dixon’s family.

Another friend had videotaped part of Dixon’s final set that Tuesday night and shared it to Twitter.

A vigil is starting shortly in Princes Park.


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