Most anyone who thinks about MoviePass for more than a minute cannot figure out how they make money, which is why so many people are signing up for MoviePass.

Can it “work” for comedy clubs, too?

Standup NY thinks so. The Upper West Side comedy club has introduced LaughPass, which for an annual membership of $99, offers you:

  • Access to see unlimited shows
  • Free drink upon arrival
  • No drink minimum ever
  • Preferred seating (VIP on first come first serve)
  • Advance notice when celebrity comics are added to a show
  • Free ticket to bring a friend each show
  • A bottle of wine within a week of your birthday
  • Access to live studio podcast recordings
  • Invites to special club events

If you go to even just a handful of live comedy shows in a year, the pass more than pays for itself. Sound too good to be true? Have you tried it out? Would it work for your club?

Please let me know!