Larry King and Dennis Miller embarking on comedy tour as “The King and The Jester”

Last year, Larry King had Dennis Miller on as a guest on King’s s Larry King Now which airs on ORA, Hulu and RT America.

This year, they’re hitting the road together for a storytelling and stand-up comedy tour called “The King and The Jester.”

Their tour kicks off June 2, 2018, at The Comerica Theatre in Phoenix.

“For many years I wanted to call in to the Larry King Show but I was too intimidated…so I thought, I will just do a show with him,” Miller said.

King added, “Dennis Miller is one of the funniest, brightest and insightful people I’ve ever interviewed. I’m really looking forward to sharing the stage with him for a memorable evening of comedy, storytelling and laughter. See ya there!” 

THE KING AND THE JESTER tour is presented by Tate Entertainment Group, Inc.

Find tickets to The King and The Jester tour dates on Ticketmaster.

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One thought on “Larry King and Dennis Miller embarking on comedy tour as “The King and The Jester”

  1. Dennis Miller did really ground-breaking standup comedy in the late ’80s and early ’90s. His specials from that era are must-watches. He became a parody of himself after 9/11 though — simple-minded right-wing comedy (“bomb the bastards,” that kind of thing), and none of it presented with any finesse. He’s also either chosen an unfortunate title here, with the word “jester,” or he’s acknowledging the withering takedown that the (then) great David Cross did on Miller on his “It’s Not Funny” album from 2004. Cross just kind of destroys Miller in less than 30 seconds, in a bit where he is talking about George W. Bush requiring soldiers to pray for him: “That’s craziness. That’s what kings do. Kings do that. Was he fuckin’ munchin’ on a big old turkey leg and getting blown by a serf? ‘Tell the troops to pray for their president! A pox on thy house! Bring in the court jester — Dennis Miller, what lovely jokes do you have for me today? Oh, Dennis. What? Nuke them all? Oh, yes, that’s funny. What? Saddam makes Cromwell look like Chamberlain? You truly are the king of references!'”

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