Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart launch a YouTube talk show: This Might Get…

Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart are best comedy friends who have become YouTube stars (Helbig has 3 million subscribers; Hart, 1.2 million), written best-selling books (Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up; You Deserve a Drink) and written and/or starred in their own TV shows (The Grace Helbig Show on E!) and movies (Camp Takota, Dirty 30) together over the past decade.

For their next trick: How about a daily 10-minute YouTube talk show?

Helbig and Hart launched This Might Get… on Monday, and by Wednesday morning, had racked up 82,000 YouTube subscribers to their weekday talk show.

Their debut episode on Monday introduced viewers to their new concept, and reintroduced new audience members to each of them.

Tuesday’s episode featured drones and Doritos.

In today’s episode, they play “Bulk Up or Throw Up.” Roll it!

And here’s their official description:

The Kathie Lee & Hoda for the YouTube generation will laugh, cry (hopefully from giggles), give advice, swap stories, and connect with millions of their fans who have come to love their perfectly timed puns and one-of-a-kind humor.

Five episodes a week, each episode focusing on a modern day topic, meme, or pop culture event will be the focus of this female driven show.  Having been born online and raised by YouTube, Grace and Mamrie will do what they do best, make each other laugh while spreading their unique wisdom to their loyal fan base.  Special guest interviews, challenges, DIY, How-To’s, Fashion/Beauty Tips, there’s nothing that’s off the table when it comes to the most hilarious ladies show on the internet.

And if you like all that, then you’ll probably want to pick up Mamrie’s newest book of essays, I’ve Got This Round.

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