Feral Audio, the podcast network founded by producer Dustin Marshall in 2012, is dissolving in the wake of abuse allegations against him by his ex-girlfriend.

Musician Abby Weems posted this on her band Potty Mouth’s Twitter last week:

Marshall responded with a lengthy Tumblr post, in which he said he would be taking time out to address his mental health issues.

He also had written, “To Feral Audio artists, after six years, I can no longer have the pressure of running a company, continue this lifestyle and be mentally healthy…Since Feral Audio is forever married to my name, i [sic] am dissolving it so no dark cloud should ever be above your work.” Although he since has amended his Tumblr “about my business to address our artists more directly on 12/26/17.”

That’s also when Feral Audio CEO Jason Smith revealed on Twitter: “I know there are a lot of questions about the future surrounding Feral, and we’ll have an announcement soon, but for today I want to focus on sending our support and love to Abby.”

Smith then posted a link to a Facebook announcement about the launch of SBI: Audio. Starburns Industries had been a partner of Feral Audio.

Starburns is excited to announce the launch of SBI:Audio! SBI: Audio is the new podcast venture from #Starburns Ind.

#Harmontown#DumbPeopleTown#DuncanTrussell’s Family Hour, & more, will be migrating to the new service along side a bunch of amazing new offerings.

The Feral Audio podcast network also had included Call Chelsea Peretti, Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger, Doughboys, Gone Riffin’, LIVE TO TAPE with Johnny Pemberton, Office Hours LIVE with Tim Heidecker, Podcast: The Ride, Put Your Hands Together with Cam & Rhea, Steve Agee Uhhh…, Suicide Buddies, The Adventures of Danny & Mike, The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship, We’re No Doctors, as well as The Todd Barry Podcast, and several other talk and culture podcasts.

If you had a podcast with Feral Audio, please let us know where you’ll be podcasting in 2018! Put your new links in the comments, please!