Feral Audio is dissolving; Starburns Industries launching SBI: Audio podcast network in its wake

Feral Audio, the podcast network founded by producer Dustin Marshall in 2012, is dissolving in the wake of abuse allegations against him by his ex-girlfriend.

Musician Abby Weems posted this on her band Potty Mouth’s Twitter last week:


Marshall responded with a lengthy Tumblr post, in which he said he would be taking time out to address his mental health issues.

He also had written, “To Feral Audio artists, after six years, I can no longer have the pressure of running a company, continue this lifestyle and be mentally healthy…Since Feral Audio is forever married to my name, i [sic] am dissolving it so no dark cloud should ever be above your work.” Although he since has amended his Tumblr “about my business to address our artists more directly on 12/26/17.”

That’s also when Feral Audio CEO Jason Smith revealed on Twitter: “I know there are a lot of questions about the future surrounding Feral, and we’ll have an announcement soon, but for today I want to focus on sending our support and love to Abby.”


Smith then posted a link to a Facebook announcement about the launch of SBI: Audio. Starburns Industries had been a partner of Feral Audio.

Starburns is excited to announce the launch of SBI:Audio! SBI: Audio is the new podcast venture from #Starburns Ind.

#Harmontown#DumbPeopleTown#DuncanTrussell’s Family Hour, & more, will be migrating to the new service along side a bunch of amazing new offerings.

The Feral Audio podcast network also had included Call Chelsea Peretti, Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger, Doughboys, Gone Riffin’, LIVE TO TAPE with Johnny Pemberton, Office Hours LIVE with Tim Heidecker, Podcast: The Ride, Put Your Hands Together with Cam & Rhea, Steve Agee Uhhh…, Suicide Buddies, The Adventures of Danny & Mike, The Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship, We’re No Doctors, as well as The Todd Barry Podcast, and several other talk and culture podcasts.

If you had a podcast with Feral Audio, please let us know where you’ll be podcasting in 2018! Put your new links in the comments, please!



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