Ave Maria Bamford: A 12-part Christmas webseries miracle!

If you’ve already binged both seasons of Lady Dynamite and desperately need more Maria Bamford on your screen, then Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and God bless us everyone, for Ave Maria Bamford is here!

The Bammer stars in a new 12-part holiday webseries for Topic (executive produced by Daniell Powell and Alex Bach, and co-written by Bamford and Rebecca Drysdale).

The first two episodes went live today. In each episode, Bamford tackles issues that could leave you feeling like a stocking full of coal, but instead turning those problems inside-out as gifts to learn from, and more!

Episode 1: The Gift of Mental Illness
You’re not crazy.  You’ve just got mental problems you should consider profiting from.

Episode 2: The Gift of Climate Change
It’s not the heat, it’s the extreme, scorching heat.

Coming soon….here are the tagline teasers for the other 10 episodes

  • “These bootstraps were made for pulling you up”
  • “Opting out of aging has its benefits”
  • “The upsides of hitting rock bottom”
  • “The drama of the gifted child”
  • “The best part of breaking up”
  • “Get into crippling debt, and you’ll never be (left) alone again”
  • “Misery loves company”
  • “See no evil, hear no evil”
  • “A welcome, weighty distraction”
  • “Apocalypse Wow”

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