Toby Keith has sold the most comedy albums nine weeks running

Most of my comedian friends obsess over the iTunes charts, especially when they or one of their friends releases a stand-up comedy album. (Same goes for me and my podcasting friends about the iTunes podcast charts)

But over on Billboard, the comedy charts have been ruled by country music star Toby Keith for nine consecutive weeks.

That’s right. Since Labor Day weekend, Toby Keith’s “The Bus Songs” has topped the Billboard Comedy Albums chart. Country music singer/songwriters have made comedy albums before, but none has hit No. 1 on the comedy chart for more than three weeks until Keith and his bus songs came along.

His music video for “Wacky Tobaccy” has racked up more than 5 million YouTube views since June:

And last month, he released a video for “Shitty Golfer.”

So yeah.

There’s that.

For comparison sake, here are the most recent comedy album charts from Billboard and iTunes. Billboard updates weekly, while iTunes updates much more frequently.

Billboard Comedy Albums (week of Nov. 25, 2017)

  1. Toby Keith, “The Bus Songs”
  2. The Bob’s Burgers Soundtrack Album
  3. Foes (EP), mc chris
  4. Here Comes The Truth!, Rodney Carrington
  5. Marshmallow Campground, mc chris
  6. Ol’ Wheeler, Wheeler Walker Jr.
  7. Black to the Future, Lewis Black
  8. Career Suicide, Chris Gethard
  9. Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs
  10. Cinco, Jim Gaffigan
  11. We’ve Been Thinking, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy
  12. Model Minority, Joel Kim Booster
  13. The Comeback Kid, John Mulaney
  14. B.A.D. Dreams, Kenny DeForest
  15. Lower the Bar, Steel Panther

iTunes Comedy Albums (as of Nov. 15, 2017)

  1. Here Comes the Truth!, Rodney Carrington
  2. Cinco, Jim Gaffigan
  3. Zero to Sixty, Bob Saget
  4. Born with a Defect, Christopher Titus
  5. Jerry Clover’s Greatest Hits, Jerry Clover
  6. New In Town, John Mulaney
  7. The Comeback Kid, John Mulaney
  8. Mostly Stories, Tom Segura
  9. Black to the Future, Lewis Black
  10. Doug Loves Movies: Live in Atlanta, Doug Benson
  11. King Baby, Jim Gaffigan
  12. Mr. Universe, Jim Gaffigan
  13. The Top Part, John Mulaney
  14. Emotionally Unavailable, Bill Burr
  15. White Girls With Cornrows, Tom Segura

Where are all the women? Egads. SMH

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