On Second Thought with Liam McEneaney

Episode #6 of my exclusive Laughly audio series, On Second Thought, is out now with featured guest Liam McEneaney.

On Second Thought asks: If tragedy plus time equals comedy, then comedy plus time equals what now?

Liam McEneaney hosted one of the more popular alternative basement comedy rooms in New York City for a decade, and turned his weekly showcase into a documentary and stand-up concert film, Tell Your Friends!, which played at SXSW and Montreal’s Just For Laughs. He has put out two comedy albums, one with A Special Thing, the second with Comedy Dynamics. A native New Yorker, McEneaney moved to Los Angeles last year. Does that make him feel differently about this track of his from his 2013 album, Comedian: “New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down”? We get into all of that and more in Episode #6 of On Second Thought, with Liam McEneaney.

Other episodes have included Gilbert Gottfried talking about his fateful decision to tell “The Aristocrats” joke and how it changed his entire career, Chris Gethard on how his reflections on Bonnaroo have changed over the years, Costaki Economopoulos on a couple of bits that haven’t aged well, and Jackie Kashian wondering why she opened an album recording with political jokes when she’s not a political comedian.

On Second Thought is available exclusively on Laughly.

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