Episode #4 of my new Laughly exclusive miniseries, On Second Thought, is out now with my guest Jackie Kashian.

On Second Thought asks: If tragedy plus time equals comedy, then comedy plus time equals what now?

We don’t have to go very far back to find Kashian already second- and third-guessing her decision to open her latest stand-up comedy album, “I Am Not The Hero of This Story,” with political jokes addressing the presidential election that had just happened a few weeks before Kashian decided to record this set at Acme Comedy Co. in Minneapolis. That’s not the only weird thing about the opening minutes of her new album, though! We get into all of that in Episode #4 of On Second Thought, on Laughly.

My first two episodes featured Gilbert Gottfried talking about his fateful decision to tell “The Aristocrats” joke and how it changed his entire career, and Chris Gethard telling me how his experience at the Bonnaroo festival has come up several times in his act, each time changing slightly as he mined it for new perspectives on his album, in his Comedy Central half-hour, and his HBO special.

On Second Thought is available exclusively on Laughly.