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Brad Pitt delivers the global warming forecast for the debut of The Jim Jefferies Show

Loved the debut last night of The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central. Even excluding the A-list celebrity cameo by Brad Pitt as the show’s weatherman to deliver our forecast in the wake of President Trump’s pull-out from the Paris global climate agreement.

Something about the tone and posture of Jefferies makes the satire go down so smoothly, as he leans back in his chair to delight in mocking the headlines of the week.

Or how he looks a defiantly naive racist from Holland in the eyes to ask about the Dutch Christmas tradition of blackface.

Yes, we have plenty of late-night talk shows making jokes about Trump and the craziness of the world in 2017. But Jefferies so far is bringing something none of those other shows do: The natural delivery of a stand-up comedian.

Roll a couple of clips!

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