Review: Chris Gethard “Career Suicide” on HBO

I’d reviewed Chris Gethard’s one-man show, “Career Suicide,” more than a year ago while he was still performing it at his comedy home, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

Enjoyed it then, and perhaps even more now that Gethard had the time to workshop it across America, over at the Edinburgh Fringe, and off-Broadway under the notes and tutelage of Judd Apatow. Apatow had Gethard take an even closer, longer look at some episodes from his past that he’d skimmed over previously. And as a narrative arc, the show is stronger and funnier, too, while also more poignant.

But even if Gethard jokes that you’ve walked into a show about depression, alcoholism and suicide, it’s not all sadness and tragedy.

In fact, as I wrote in my new review of Chris Gethard’s HBO version of Career Suicide for my friends at Decider:

I counted at least 31 positive affirmations, hot tips and laugh-out-loud moments you can take away from Chris Gethard: Career Suicide on HBO Go and HBO NOW – but since your friends already are way too busy dissecting the Netflix drama 13 Reasons Why, I’ve distilled my list accordingly.

1) Throughout his performance, from beginning to end, Gethard comes across as reassuring, even if at times he’s on the verge of breaking into tears. “I want you to know. I see a shrink. We’re good. I’ve been actually seeing the same shrink since 2007,” he tells us up front. Moreover, his relationship with his psychiatrist has enough offbeat elements to pitch Gethard & Barb as a cable sitcom: “He’s melancholy. She’s quirky!” Are you listening, Freeform?

I actually listed 14 reasons why Chris Gethard: Career Suicide on HBO is a better picker-upper for your mood than 13 Reasons Why, because some people have a difficult time with the number 13. So what are you waiting for?

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