Everyone’s talking about how the Oscars ended last night, but everything that came before that Best Picture mixup was very on brand for Jimmy Kimmel, who treated his first time hosting the Academy Awards as if it were an extended edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kimmel usually, in fact, hosts a special live episode of his late-night ABC talker after the Academy Awards, where he would have loved dishing about the duplicate envelope that stymied Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway into announcing LA LA LAND instead of MOONLIGHT.

His monologue was on point, per usual, as he’s generally beloved in delivering inside industry jokes at the Up Fronts and Emmys and anything else he hosts. Kimmel also continued his running gag feud with Matt Damon, delivered Mean Tweets, and pranked tourists who passed by along Hollywood Boulevard.

The fact that the guy who handles the Oscar ballots for Price Waterhouse just happens to look like old Matt Damon? PRICELESS

Roll the clips!