Day: February 14, 2017

Rolling Stone presents an updated “50 Best Stand-Ups of All Time,” as of 2017

My friend Matthew Love just delivered unto us a new list/ranking worth debating over at Rolling Stone, sponsored by HBO’s new series about stand-up comedians, Crashing. You can read Love’s take (he used to be Time Out New York‘s Comedy Editor) on each of the comedians at Rolling Stone, but here’s a bit of his explainer, followed by just the rankings for you to ponder: “So you’d think assembling a list of the 50 greatest stand-ups of all time would be easy right? Riiiight. Ha! In coming up with our version of a comic canon, we weighed artistic merit,...

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Roy Wood Jr. on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

This Valentine’s Day, here’s hoping Roy Wood Jr. doesn’t find himself in a frivolous argument with his lady. He performed on Monday’s Tonight Show to joke about just such trivial fights, whether they’re about light bulbs or the thermostat. More importantly, why can’t companies just give us the discount without requiring us to have a secret card or code? Good questions all. Roll the clip! Of course, Wood’s been a stand-out correspondent over the past year-plus on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and you can hear him tell me about his comedy journey up to here. This coming...

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