Review: Nick Cannon “Stand Up, Don’t Shoot” on Showtime

If you thought Nick Cannon and NBC were on the outs last week, then you didn’t actually watch Cannon’s newest stand-up special for Showtime, which premiered Friday night.

You can read my review on Decider, where he replaced the N in NBC with the N-word, and said all the things he wished he could say and do on America’s Got Talent, which he has hosted since season 4 in 2009.

Here’s a rare excerpt where he’s not dropping n-bombs:

“Cause you all see me on the show. Man, sometimes I wish I could say the stuff that I really want to say that I be really thinking. Cause you all see my face on America’s Got Talent.” Cannon pauses to make a face as he describes the next auditioning contestant as he wished he could. “But I can’t say that! I can’t talk like that! Because that’d mess up the white money. It will! Shit. I almost fucked it up, too. On the finale. Did y’all see that? I wore a turban on that motherfucker…We got all type of calls and complaints and shit like that. Why is Nick Cannon dressed like Blanche from The Golden Girls? Shit, it is my Constitutional right to dress like an old white lady if I want to, shit.”

But no more?

This morning, Cannon posted a lengthy missive on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, effectively quitting AGT.

Read my full review of Nick Cannon’s Stand Up, Don’t Shoot over on

And here’s the teaser from Showtime:

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