Aziz Ansari’s Saturday Night Live monologue

Saturday Night Live opened its first show under the era of President Trump — a confusingly vocal critic of SNL, even though he has other more pressing matters to attend to — with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, topless and crowing over installing Trump atop our federal government.

Aziz Ansari, guest hosting this edition of SNL, devoted much of his monologue to Trump’s supporters, acknowledging that while not all of those who voted for Trump were or are racist, there is undeniably a portion of them who are. And they were all too ready to show us their true racist colors immediately after Election Day. Ansari called these people the lowercase version of the KKK, people who used to pretend they weren’t racist in public. “You gotta go back to pretending!”

Here’s another clip. I’ll post the full video as soon as it’s available. “If day one is any indication, you’re part of the largest group of angry people, I have ever seen,” Ansari said, after claiming that change only comes via angry people.

And here’s the full monologue…roll it!

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