Day: January 2, 2017

Episode #131: Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin produced one of the best stand-up specials of 2016, “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad,” streaming exclusively on Kilmartin is a writer on Conan, a former finalist on Last Comic Standing, and the New York Times best-selling author of “Sh*tty Mom.” You can hear her on the Nerdist podcast, The Jackie and Laurie Show, with Jackie Kashian, where they talk about their lives as working comedians. But right now, you can hear Laurie talk to me in-depth about working through motherhood, tragedy and everything else. So let’s get to it! Play in new window |...

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2016: The best nine most-liked posts on The Comic’s Comic Instagram

What were the nine most-liked shots I photographed and shared on my Instagram page for @thecomicscomic in 2016? Tracy Morgan inviting his daughter to take the mic after his Carnegie Hall performance at the 2016 New York Comedy Festival, and I was fortunate enough to be standing in front of the stage when that happened Sinbad giving me the finger-wag backstage before going on at Carolines on Broadway (we had just wrapped a wonderful conversation in the green room, which you can listen to here: Sinbad on Episode #128 of The Comic’s Comic Presents Last Things First) Louis CK...

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2016: The most popular posts you read on The Comic’s Comic

Here are the stories that caught your attention more than anything else I posted in 2016. It certainly tells you how different the comedy news landscape is on The Comic’s Comic compared to the rest of the Internet. To wit… Title 1. An Unexpected Gift: The 1993 Answering Machine Recordings of Phil Hartman for a Fan In an otherwise crazy year, how heartwarming to see this tale I shared with you resonated the most, thanks to how many of you wanted to listen to the late great Phil Hartman and share his voice once more with fellow fans. 2. The definitive guide...

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Review: Ian Harvie, “May the Best Cock Win,” on Seeso

Transgender became a much more buzzed-about identity over the past couple of years, from Olympic champion and Wheaties cereal box hero Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn Jenner to keep up with the Kardashians, to North Carolina’s oppressively obnoxious bathroom legislation, to the award-winning Amazon TV series, Transparent. Ian Harvie made his acting debut in Transparent, but he also has toured for years as the opening act for Margaret Cho, performed his stand-up at Just For Laughs and Melbourne, and now has become the biggest transgender comedian to unveil his own hour-long stand-up special, May the Best Cock Win, on Seeso....

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Review: Laurie Kilmartin, “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad,” on Seeso

Fans and friends of Laurie Kilmartin already had read her Twitter account of sitting by her father’s side as he lay dying of lung cancer in the winter of 2014. Kilmartin’s heartbreaking and hilarious 140-character thought process as she coped with her impending loss and her family captivated thousands of electronic onlookers. But how to turn that into a live stand-up special? In itself, “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad,” would make for a powerful one-woman show — perhaps too much for audiences who read their tickets and the marquee but nevertheless still didn’t know what to expect. That...

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