Wyatt Cenac releases free EP about his thoughts on Election 2016: “One Angry Night in November”

Wyatt Cenac not only celebrated the fourth anniversary of his weekly comedy showcase this Monday night, but recorded a 17-minute performance at his Night Train show in Brooklyn, which he has released now as a free EP for anyone who subscribes to his email newsletter.

Night Train presents Wyatt Cenac: One Angry Night in November collects the comedian and former Daily Show correspondent’s feelings about the 2016 presidential election.

“I hope that is not the deal with the devil that Chicago Cubs fans made to win the World Series,” Cenac jokes, before going in on the voting habits of white women, dispelling the notion that sexism and racism can be in competition, explaining the difference between the KKK cosplay version of white supremacy with the very foundational nature of America as a white country, how 2016 “feels like the bizarro version of 2008,” Cenac’s new app idea to handle this and all future elections, and finally, a hopeful note in which he wishes that more people will take action and actually get involved in local government and legislation. “I hope somebody here runs for City Council,” Cenac tells the audience.

Or maybe even someone listening to his EP will. Maybe even you. Maybe even me.

Wyatt Cenac: One Angry Night in November was recorded Nov. 14, 2016, at Night Train. Produced by Wyatt Cenac and Marianne Ways. Engineered by Ben Leonard. Album cover by Mindy Tucker, artwork by Ryan Mauskopf. Available as a free download if you subscribe to the email newsletter at wyattcenac.com.

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