Iliza Shlesinger’s third Netflix special, “Confirmed Kills” launches as she embarks on late-night development deal with Freeform

It’s a great day and late-night for Iliza Shlesinger today.

The former Last Comic Standing winner’s third Netflix stand-up special, Confirmed Kills, debuted in the morning, and by afternoon, the cable channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family) announced it’d try to develop a late-night TV show for her.

“A late-night show has been the goal for me and I’m ready to throw my hat into the ring,” Shlesinger said in today’s announcement by Freeform.

She already has a streaming series on ABC’s digital app, Forever 31, with a second season ordered to add to the existing seven episodes online now. I give that show a shout-out along with my review of Confirmed Kills, and here’s a handy guide to all of the hashtags in Iliza’s new special:

  • #PartyGoblin: Your havoc-wreaking personality during a drunken blackout
  • #ChinaTownDrunk: So drunk you’re not sure if you cannot read because you’re drunk or because you’ve wound up in Chinatown
  • #SearchClaw: Your designated hand for digging through your giant purse in public
  • #DickGun: What it feels like to have an ugly man’s eyes on you when you walk past him
  • #MakeItPointy: Any Instagram photo of more than four women becomes a pose-off
  • #ConfirmedKills: Just because your grandfather has a disgustingly cute nickname doesn’t take away from the fact that he fought and survived World War II
  • #SometimesToFeelAHumanEmotionILikeToDrinkMyOwnHair: The more hashtags in an Instagram photo, the more likely the final one has nothing to do with the photo
  • #FuckBitchesGetMoney: If you’re not happy, there’s no reason to stay in bad relationship out of fear. So answer like this when a magazine article asks: You’re single, now what?
  • #Sandwich: Would be a man’s response if GQ ran the same “you’re single, now what” article
  • #SharkTankBit: How Iliza imagines watching hot women mentally unravel if she could only see a live episode of Shark Tank

Read my full review of Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills on Netflix, over at

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