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First look: Jeff Dye hosting “That Awkward Game Show” for Spike TV

You’ve seen Jeff Dye tell jokes on Last Comic Standing, try all sorts of tricks last summer on NBC’s I Can Do That, and this summer serving as an Asian tour guide companion for Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner and George Foreman on NBC’s Better Late Than Never.

But none of that will be as awkward as Dye’s next gig.

Dye is hosting That Awkward Game Show for Spike, the one-hour weekly game show where parents and their adult children team up to win cash money — but only by learning ridiculous and shocking truths about each other.

If you enjoyed watching Nikki Glaser undergo lie detector tests with her parents on Comedy Central’s Not Safe this year, then you’ll probably also enjoy watching stranger parents and kids embarrass and humiliate each other, too.

Here’s the format:

Each episode will feature three teams of two (comprised of one parent and one adult child per team) trying to figure out which embarrassing factoid is related to their teammate (and family member!). In order to advance throughout the game, contestants will have to identify uncomfortable, often outrageous, previously unknown truths about their loved ones.  The parent/kid duo who answers the most questions correctly will win a major cash prize.

That Awkward Game Show premieres Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, on Spike.

Roll the teaser clip!

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