Listen to this previously unreleased George Carlin track, “Rats & Squealers”

If you see something, don’t say something to the police.

That’s just how this previously unreleased track from a George Carlin performance in 2001 starts!  “You don’t help the police,” Carlin says at the start of “Rats & Squealers,” which is now part of the first posthumous Carlin record, coming out next month. “When I was a kid and we went to the movies, we rooted against the police. Against the police and for the crooks.”

As with many classic Carlin stand-up routines, his philosophical musings could have been said today in 2016 just as easily — if not in fact more easily now — than when he first shared them with audiences decades ago.

This is the second track leaked early in advance of the Sept. 16, 2016, release of “I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die,” and also the second track on the album. Thanks, SiriusXM! Thanks, too, to Kelly Carlin, George’s daughter and manager of his estate to sift through all of his stuff to share this with us.

In it, he rails against police corruption, snitches, and notes that cops had their own rules about rats and squealing and not doing that to one another, then Carlin wonders how well God and Jesus would look upon people looking to name names to get into Heaven.

Listen up!

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