Lori Mae Hernandez’s performance on the first live show of America’s Got Talent 2016

The 2016 season of America’s Got Talent began its live show elimination competitions on Tuesday night, and two of the three remaining comedy acts among the final 36 performed tonight.

Lori Mae Hernandez, all of 13, came out of the gates, and after acknowledging she was on the stage in Los Angeles where they hold the Academy Awards (AGT moved from NYC after Howard Stern stopped judging), she pivoted quickly, jokingly comparing the Oscar statue to judge Howie Mandel, then mocking the “orange man” “with Troll hair” who might win the 2016 presidential election. Lori Mae then quipped that “still, he’s rich enough to hire ourĀ First Lady to write a speech for his third lady.” Topical!

She also had jokes about how if tweens could vote, they’d elect Harry Potter to the presidency and adopt a platform allowing them to order from the kids menu at restaurants (shhh, don’t tell her the truth), and after a nod to Hillary, she even stopped the audience applause for a tag on a “God bless America” joke. God, this girl is starting to win me over, isn’t she?

Roll the clip!–vf6QxgE

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