Cannot remember ever seeing a late-night TV writing job actually posted in the wild like a regular job opening — and definitely don’t recall ever seeing an industry site grabbing and posting the entire submission packet instructions before.

But that’s what happened this past week.

The official CBS job posting for “Comedy Writer” appeared earlier this month — with at least one Late Show source promoting the job opening via Twitter, and another source (not affiliated with the network) trying to convince me to apply for it (for reals?).

Here’s what the official job opening post said:

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is seeking a skilled comedy writer with an interest in current events to come up with pitches for segments, and write scripts for the show. This role will be based in New York, NY.


  • Professional comedy writing experience, preferably in late night television.
  • Must be comfortable with tight turnaround and completing assignments on deadline.
  • Interest in politics a plus.

Writing Sample

  • After this initial application, in order to be considered, candidates will be asked to write a sample packet of comedy material. Physical written documents or digital links of final product will be accepted. Details about the content of the sample packet will be provided at a later date.

But then earlier this week, just as the deadline approached to apply, Deadline posted all of those details! According to the submission packet obtained and displayed by Deadline, the deadline to apply for The Late Show’s current job opening was this Tuesday (June 28).

If you’re curious to know what late-night TV shows expect from you on spec — even before they hire you — then dig in and get ready for the next job opening.

Then again: The job posting is still up at CBS, though.