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Watch David Letterman’s 2016 interview from Indianapolis with Tom Brokaw

NBC News had touted its big exclusive interview with David Letterman for broadcast this past Sunday, but pre-empted it to air a special report from Orlando instead following last weekend’s shooting massacre there.

So Letterman’s interview with Tom Brokaw “On Assignment” for Dateline NBC finally aired last night.

We got to see Letterman revisit the street outside his childhood home in Indianapolis, his high school, a local Steak ‘N Shake (the first and still only Steak ‘N Shake location in New York City opened a few years ago right next to the Ed Sullivan Theatre where Letterman filmed his Late Show for CBS), and the Indy 500, where Letterman owns an Indy Car racing team. We heard Letterman say he doesn’t miss late-night TV a bit, realizing that the first night Stephen Colbert took the stage on camera last September to replace him. “I thought for sure I would be.” We heard Letterman say “I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman. That would have been fine.” Fine. That would have been fine. Indeed. We heard him explain that he has grown this enormous beard because he finally could stop shaving after a full adult life on TV, and even if nobody in his family likes it, he reminds his young son that he may be “creepy old Dad,” but he’s still Dad.

And Brokaw got Letterman going about the 2016 presidential election that he’s missing out on monologuing about — Letterman replied that American schools tell kids that “anybody could be president,” and Trump is a “disgusting” “ridiculous” “repugnant” example of how that could play out.

Roll the clips.

And an online exclusive clip where Letterman interviews Brokaw:

You can see the full episode here (Letterman takes up two segments in the second half-hour).

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