Flophouse, the new stand-up showcase premiering next Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Viceland‘s new cable channel, is actually available right now — as the TV network started by VICE that’s taking over the current H2 station on your cable/satellite/streaming dials — has decided to give you a sneak peek!

Here’s the official listing for the debut episode:

“Thunderstorm at Babe Island” Comedians Solomon Georgio, Eric Dadourian, James Austin Johnson share a rented house called “Babe Island” in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. A thunderstorm approaches while they have a houseparty and stand-up comedy show in the garage, featuring performances by Clare O’Kane, James Adomian, Alice Wetterlund, Brandon Wardell, and Curtis Cook.

Roll the episode! (Note: NSFW language and content)