Review of Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado (Netflix)

Like how this photo of Hannibal Buress frames one of the chandeliers as a halo above his head?

He’s no angel. But Buress is one of the top stand-up comedians working today, and his new Netflix special, Comedy Camisado, went live today.

I spoke with Buress while we were both in Hollywood last week, and you can hear him tell his backstory — including a brief attempt to go onstage with a nickname!? — in Episode #58 of my podcast series, Last Things First.

And I’ve reviewed his Netflix special for my friends at

Here’s an excerpt!

He didn’t need any controversy nor was he looking for one.

Buress merely was doing what he does best onstage: Expressing his exasperation at the follies of those around him.

Buress may appear so laid back now that he’s no longer sporting eyeglasses that he may take “Netflix and chill” too literally – and a stagehand so casually back-handsprings to retrieve the mic stand at the top of his 67-minute performance at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, that you’re not wrong to fall for the nonchalance of it all. Even after Buress tosses multiple sets of eyewear into the crowd.

But the comedian undercuts that vibe time and time again, as he finds himself in situations that frustrate him to the point where only his carefully crafted punchlines can save us all. Exasperation suits him well, even if it makes Buress sweat harder, and both tightens and heightens his vocal delivery. His specificity and attention to detail have served him well on his rise up the comedy ranks, and he continues to carve out his particular niche in this set.

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