Watch “The Ridiculous 6” along with Adam Sandler and friends to make the most out of the ridiculousness

The critics have not been kind to Adam Sandler’s recent theatrical movies, and that’s carried through to his first big-screen effort for Netflix, The Ridiculous 6.

As Sandler told Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show Tuesday morning:¬†“The bad reviews that I get on everything I do, that part pisses me off because I ask my fucking friends to be in it, and to ask them to be in this stuff and I’m promising them, ‘I think it’s good,’ and then I do screenings for an audience and it all works and I’ll call them up after and say ‘hey, that one thing you said really did great,’ and then that Friday, every Friday literally every one of my movies is destroyed. Everything, the reviews, they destroy them so much that I’m just like, ‘I can’t wait for my friends to see the movie and not read that shit and be affected by it.'”

But there is another way.

When The Ridiculous 6 debuted Friday on Netflix, Sandler invited some of his co-stars over to the house for a viewing party, in which they all offered running commentary and posted their screening in multiple parts on Sandler’s Facebook page.

So if you’re feeling overly cautious or trepidatious about watching The Ridiculous 6, you don’t have to do this alone. You can cue up The Ridiculous 6 on Netflix¬†Instant, then hit play on one screen while syncing it to Sandler’s viewing party on a second screen. Watching the movie with the stars certainly makes it more worthwhile. Or, at the very least, extremely entertaining and educational.

And with several million views already, Sandler’s livestream viewing of The Ridiculous 6 is a hit!

Ready? Quiet on the set…roll clips…ACTION!

Here’s the official trailer if you need a reminder of what it looks like when it’s not a screen within a screen:

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