Episode #42: Brian Posehn

Today’s guest is Brian Posehn, one of The Comedians of Comedy a decade ago, and now for the first time, the star of a feature film as Uncle Nick in the dark new Christmas classic of the same name. Posehn has produced multiple metal music tracks with the greats of heavy metal, hosted a podcast of adults playing Dungeons and Dragons, and for the past few years has co-written the comic book Deadpool, which itself has been adapted for a major motion picture coming out in early 2016. The grown-up Posehn has seen almost all of his dreams come true, but he had some back-breaking growing pains, which he tells me all about, as well as how he became best friends with Patton Oswalt during a comedy contest and how he fell in with Bob and David and Mr. Show.

So let’s get to it!

Sean L. McCarthy

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