Episode #30: John Heffron

Today’s guest is John Heffron, the kind of comedian who claims he’s never had a plan despite starting stand up when he was 18, launching a successful business project and winning Last Comic Standing all by the time he hit 34. A decade later, Heffron remains hard at work on his next stand-up special, headlining comedy clubs across the country. We spoke in the green room at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City after he’d just performed two shows, and Heffron shared about his past in morning radio with Danny Bonaduce in his native Detroit, life when being a road dog feels more like a loan wolf, and the TV pilot he made that could have been the funniest season of Last Comic Standing ever, if only NBC had aired it.

So let’s get to it!

John Heffron’s four albums, Middle Class Funny DVD, and best-selling advice book I Come to You From the Future: Everything You’ll Need to Know Before You Know It are available on iTunes and Amazon.

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One thought on “Episode #30: John Heffron

  1. A very funny comic who somehow missed out on the “clean comic” boomlet that the very funny Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan benefited from (but disliked).

    I once saw him near the end of a grueling former LCS winners tour and he showed more energy than than the other 3 combined.

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