Gary Vider made it to the finals this summer of America’s Got Talent on NBC, and certainly made the most of it — not only by telling funny stand-up routines that earned him kudos from the judges and audiences, but also by using his time and the AGT budget to produce multiple mini sitcom episodes starring himself and his friend, Greg Stone, as his roommate in Astoria.

So now Vider has this lovely little pitch reel that’s almost long enough for a pilot presentation. Congrats!

You can now watch all of the episodes together. Happy #TBT. Roll the clip!

Vider headlines Caroline’s on Broadway tonight. Will Stone be on the bill, though, after they roasted each other earlier this week as part of the RoastMasters series at The Stand?

If you watch their roast, they let you in on the fact that Stone doesn’t live with Vider anymore, especially now that Vider is a newlywed. That’d be a different sitcom pitch.