Month: October 2015

Gerry Dee’s “Mr. D” may be coming to America via CBS

Gerry Dee has starred for four seasons as the less-than-impressive high school social studies teacher, Mr. D, in the CBC sitcom of the same name. But impressively enough, Dee revealed that he’s sold the American rights to the series to CBS. “It’s like they did with The Office, they’re going to do a U.S. version of Mr. D,” Dee told the Toronto Sun. “Mike (co-creator Volpe) and I will be executive producers.” The deal came together Thursday after a mutual friend of Dee and Will Arnett introduced them to each other. Dee and Arnett then pitched Mr. D to CBS Studios together....

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Conan O’Brien joining First Lady Michelle Obama on visit to U.S. military in Qatar, filming it for TBS

Conan O’Brien and First Lady Michelle Obama sported black-tie formal wear when O’Brien spoke at the 2013 White House Correspondents Association dinner. The next time they see each other, they’ll just as likely don fatigues — they’re heading out next week to visit U.S. military stationed in Qatar at the Al Udeid Air Base! Their trip is part of Joining Forces, an initiative that supports service members, veterans and their families. But O’Brien and his TBS crew also will be on hand to record his appearance and performance there with the First Lady for an upcoming episode of Conan,...

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Ahmed Bharoocha’s Conan debut

Ahmed Bharoocha recently turned 30, but he’s still questioning how ceiling fans work, as well as refrigerator ice machines and dinosaur bones. But he knows at least he has it better than cows do. Fly, Ahmed, fly! Here is his debut set on Conan from Thursday night. Roll the...

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Daniel Tosh raises $25,000 for Andy Ritchie’s medical bills, doubles down betting it on football

Call him Tosh.50K? Daniel Tosh loves the Miami Dolphins, but he cares more about his friend and fellow comedian, betting against his favorite NFL team tonight to turn $25,000 in auction earnings into a $50,000 donation for Andy Ritchie‘s multiple brain surgeries. “That’s Gambling 101. Never bet with your heart. It’s bad luck. But I only bet on the Pats to cover the first half spread. This is a can’t lose!” Tosh had said Tuesday. The first-half point-spread in Vegas was 3.5 when Tosh placed his bet. The Patriots led the Dolphins 19-0 tonight at halftime. Tosh revealed his...

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Schtick or Treat: Stand-up comedy’s #tbt Halloween tribute

Seven years ago, dozens of New York City comedians converged in costumed tribute to stand-up legends and infamous icons of their trade. Since it was Halloween week, they dubbed the special showcase Schtick or Treat. I was there. It was fun. A ton of fun, actually. And hosts Mark Normand and Matt Ruby have kept at it each year since, even as Schtick or Treat moved from The Creek and The Cave to Bowery Poetry Club, Arlene’s Grocery, Littlefield, and now tonight, in its eighth installment, at Knitting Factory Brooklyn in Williamsburg. Normand portrayed Groucho Marx, Ruby as Rodney...

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