Shiny, new and fresh-faced, The Daily Show relaunched Monday night with a new host in Trevor Noah, a new correspondent report from Roy Wood Jr., a first guest in Kevin Hart, and plenty of self-referential jokes to let you know that they know that everything hasn’t completely changed about Comedy Central’s signature late-night satire, even if the man anchoring it is completely different from Jon Stewart.

The first 11 minutes ran commercial-free to let viewers settle in; Noah, too. Jokes about Pope Francis and how the media ran with his papal visit to America, how NASA finally discovered water on Mars, how Speaker of the House John Boehner’s resignation seems even more untimely now that Noah just started, and fun banter with correspondent Jordan Klepper mixing talk about the Congressional change at the top with the show’s own transition.

Roll the clip!

You can watch the entire debut episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah here.

And a bonus web-exclusive clip sent correspondent Hasan Minhaj to Philadelphia to see how millions reacted to Pope Francis there on Saturday.