Steve Buscemi’s talk-show webseries for AOL, Park Bench, was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Nonfiction Program.

Nothing is stranger than nonfiction sometimes, and even an Emmy-nominated webseries will face real-life hurdles and rude interruptions when you’re staging the whole thing on a park bench outside in New York City. As Buscemi learned during this second season while filming an interview with Gilbert Gottfried. Take an exclusive sneak peek at what happens when a helicopter hovers high above Gottfried and Buscemi. It’s Gilbert Gottfried, so do I even need to tell you it’s Not Safe For Work?

Roll the clip!

Season two of Park Bench with Steve Buscemi drops new episodes on Thursdays, with appearances this season from Elvis Costello, John Oliver, Amber Tamblyn, Zosia Mamet, Robert Smigel as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and more.