Judd Apatow performed stand-up on Monday night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it’s so fascinating and fun to see Apatow return to the game after some two decades away from it. What he brings to it now, with age and experience and also not having to worry while also worrying about how it’ll go, and how he goes right after his own soft spot, attacking the notion of his fame, and how he’s a “troll in the corner” compared to his wife and daughters in the house. And for anyone who has seen Apatow’s Twitter campaign against Bill Cosby, well, this set sees him raise the stakes in hilarious fashion.

Just the way Apatow as Cosby says “paper” is, well…

Roll the clip!

And here is Apatow’s former roommate, Adam Sandler, with some words of perspective on their relationship.