Following a two-week break from late-night, Jimmy Fallon took to explaining why his absence from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon started a day earlier than planned.

“I tripped and fell in my kitchen,” he said from his TV desk following Monday night’s monologue.

Fallon blamed the fall on his wife’s rug, which he joked he “cannot wait to burn it to the ground.” He discovered his ring finger on his left hand had bent sideways, and hopped in a cab to the emergency room at Beth Israel, where doctors told him he’d suffered ring avulsion. “Don’t Google it!” Fallon implored the audience. Beth Israel referred him to Bellevue Memorial Hospital for micro-surgery to save his finger from amputation.

Fallon stayed in the ICU for 10 days afterward. He thanked his doctors on-air and talked about searching for meaning in books during his hospital stay.

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