Drew Lynch was just your average young aspiring stand-up comedian with a stutter, inasmuch as any stuttering comic can be average, until he walked onstage for his audition in this year’s 10th anniversary of America’s Got Talent.

Lynch had 4,445 Twitter followers as his audition began airing Tuesday night on NBC. He now has 18,800 followers and counting — and, more importantly, the show’s first-ever “Golden Buzzer” fast pass straight to the live quarterfinal showcases held later this summer at Radio City Music Hall.

As Lynch wrote today on Twitter: “Last night felt like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, if the ticket was a buzzer and grandpa was Howie Mandel.”

A freak softball injury about four years ago, when Lynch was 20, left him with the stutter. This clip will explain the rest.

Roll it!