Move over Childish Gambino and Eddie Murphy, there’s a new gal in town who’s ready to make with the funny and the music both in a summer concert tour, as Anjelah Johnson is ready to perform 14 dates across the South and West this July as her character Bon Qui Qui.

Johnson explains in the video with her sassy singing alter-ego that she’ll still tell some of her greatest hits material at the top of each show, then change into costume and character while an opening band performs, then unleash a concert as Bon Qui Qui with songs and dances (like the ones you’ve seen online previously here or here, and she talked about getting a Bon Qui Qui record deal here).

She’s already on tour currently with her stand-up.

The Bon Qui Qui tour starts July 12 in San Diego with stops throughout California, to Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Memphis, Louisville, Knoxville, Atlanta and onto Charlotte on July 28.

“You guys I’m really excited about this tour! This is the first time I will be touring as my character, Bon Qui Qui. I wanted to go to sooo many more cities across the US because I know I have amazing fans all over the place, but due to calendar conflicts and other things these were the only cities we were able to lock in. If I’m not coming to your city I’m so sorry! I do hope you will be able to make a road trip out to one of the dates! #BonQuiQuiTour TICKETS ON SALE THIS FRIDAY!”

Roll the clip!