Take Arsenio Hall’s word for it? Begging for Eddie Murphy to return to stand-up at The Comedy Store (ahem)

The Comedy Store’s lineup for Thursday night included a 15-minute window for a “Special Guest.” Turns out that guest may have been a very special two-fer — if you believed other websites this morning — as Arsenio Hall took the stage first, then afterward declared that Eddie Murphy — yes, the Eddie Murphy who has teased us for more than 25 years about returning to stand-up comedy, and sometimes passed on the opportunity — had followed him onstage for a few minutes. Or NOT. Sorry to get your hopes up, everybody. Take a closer look at this…

And yet, none of the other comedians on the March 19, 2015, lineup have mentioned it? Hmmmm. Not even a one-word “WOW” or anything afterward?

ACTUALLY, I think everybody is reading this Tweet incorrectly. Arsenio is begging Eddie to come down to the Store, just as Arsenio did. All Arsenio is saying is that he himself went onstage. Then he @replies Murphy, tells him the experience is “#cathartic” and suggests Murphy come on down and take five minutes to experience it for himself, too.

I can understand The Comedy Store keeping the room on lockdown during Murphy’s purported initial comeback so as not to scare him offstage. But after the fact, you’d think people would be talking. Buzzing, even.


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