Conan O’Brien goes to Cuba: A special wonderful hour #ConanCuba

In the first few minutes of Conan O’Brien’s special episode of Conan on TBS Wednesday night, he explained the political, social and cultural ramifications of the United States move to “normalize” relations with Cuba after a 53-year-long economic blockade and embargo. “Which is why I kept the purpose of my visit simple: To meet the people and try to make friends.”

There’s a reason O’Brien’s remote segments in and around his regular Burbank studios are such a hit: He is a natural improviser and makes friends easily. The language barrier in Cuba — O’Brien’s Spanish? Far from fluent, closer to Spanglish — just makes his attempts at friendship and diplomacy more sincerely funny.

O’Brien also provided extra commentary and photos Wednesday via Twitter, so let’s let him take it away. Roll the clips and the Tweets!

Conan Joins A Cuban Salsa Band: Conan learns the importance of the Cuban clave beat and wows the band with his 8th grade Spanish skills.

Conan Takes A Cuban Spanish Lesson: Thanks to Maestra Yolanda, Conan masters the Spanish tongue twister about three sad tigers.

Conan Visits The Havana Club Rum Museum: Conan learns the rich history of Cuban rum before tasting a flight of Havana Club’s best with his guide Gretel.

Conan Learns To Dance Cuban Rumba: Dancing is a huge part of Cuban culture, inspiring Conan to take an intensive lesson to master the erotic rumba.

Conan Visits Havana’s El Malecón: Conan makes friends with Cuban youth on the famous waterfront promenade, and picks up a few bad habits…

Conan’s Havana Rooftop Sunset: Conan admires Central Havana at the end of the day, and imagines how CNN would report on it.

Conan Visits A Cuban Cigar Factory: Conan tries his hand at rolling La Corona cigars, but unfortunately his stogies just don’t measure up.

Conan Dines At A Cuban Paladar: Conan enjoys authentic Cuban cuisine at a paladar, a family-run restaurant located in a private home.

Conan Says Goodbye To Cuba: Conan recounts the wonderful time he had in Cuba and the amazing people he met.

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