Jackie Kashian returned to perform on Conan again, and on Tuesday night’s episode, the idea that Native American casinos don’t have Native American restaurants allowed her to explore the idea that our idea of a melting pot really has changed the way most Americans look at ethnic cuisine. “Once it’s frozen, it’s ours,” she joked. She has a lot of ideas for how our Indian tribes could get in on this action, though. Dozens of ’em. Kashian also joked in this set about how¬†Americans in Los Angeles and New York City have created some rather weird websites that allow you to have anything done for you and even delivered to you. I’ll let her to tell you what she’d have done and delivered.

Roll the clip!

Kashian produced one of the best stand-up comedy albums of 2014, “This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux.” You can buy it now.