If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then parody is what, again? Well, Steve Hofstetter, your little late-night experiment on FOX — Laughs — has touched a nerve within the comedy community.

Particularly over the issue of pay. Or lack thereof.

And this weekend, we finally saw someone produce and upload a parody of Laughs that we didn’t even know we needed in our lives, and then we watched it, anyhow. From Chris Neff’s YouTube page to your eyeballs, here is “Laffs” with host “Steve Awfulstetter” and comedic contributions from the likes of “Taylor the Impersonator,” “Old G Daawaine,” “day laborers from Home Depot,” plus video submissions and more.

Roll the clip!

But will we see a new episode of Laughs this Saturday, though? And on how many FOX stations? That’s the real big-money question!