FOX orders up World’s Funniest Fails, places comedy panel series on Fridays in January 2015

Move over, Tosh. Don’t be ridiculous, Ridiculousness.

FOX thinks it can trump Tosh.0, Ridiculousness and all of the other comedians-talking-about-epic-fail-video series on cable by starting up its own such mocker talker in primetime on network TV.

World’s Funniest Fails will premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT Friday, Jan. 16, 2015. It’s a one-hour series based on the FailArmy YouTube channel,¬†which has amassed close to 6 million subscribers (5,994,000 and counting at this writing) since launching in July 2011 for its twice-weekly video compilations, which hit YouTube on Tuesdays and Fridays. Its regular funny fail video compilations online will be complemented on TV by a panel of comedians to make fun of them. One video will be awarded “Fail of the Week.”

So a combination of what the current crop of cable mocker talkers do, but with a prize for the funniest failure, which is what America’s Funniest Home Videos used to do.

No word yet on what comedians will be included on the panel(s), or a series host.

FailArmy is a property of Jukin Media, which just raised $1.2 million last month from investors, after raising an additional $1 million back in April. It also generates revenue straight from YouTube views, as well as from licensing individual viral clips to various online and TV networks.

Here’s the most recent video compilation, posted Friday:

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